Starland’s Mission

Starland’s mission is to inspire every child with creative exploration, innovative classes and a nurturing community to cultivate their inner spirit.  Imagine your child’s excitement as he/she describes his/her exhilarating day at Starland of creating, exploring and discovering all leading him/her to realize their personal best!

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Starland Classes

Starland is happy to offer some of the most unique classes in a variety of creative arts.  In addition to the popular standards such as Tap, Ballet, Art, Drama and Musical Theater, Starland is breaking new ground with state-of-the-art Computer Arts and unique children’s classes.

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Camps at Starland

Starland camps offer your children a unique nurturing environment with activities designed for making new friends, learning new skills, and having fun! Camps are located over a beautiful open space spanning over 6+ acre, as well as in completely the renovated state-of-the-art indoor Starland facilities.

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Explore Your Creativity. Discover Yourself.

Has your child expressed an interest in dance, theatre, science or learning to play the piano? Starland provides children with the opportunity to experience a variety of creative programs, specifically designed for kids, to help them discover their passions; whether it's cooking, engineering or playing guitar.

Our facility includes mommy and me classes along with pre-K enrichment programs for younger children as well. Children blossom with our guidance thanks to a creative experience that will positively impact all areas of their lives.

Mix Learning with Fun!

From toddlers to teens, Starland children benefit greatly from our educational and entertaining classes. Watch your child gain self-esteem and become more self-assured while learning a new talent. Our courses are designed to increase your child's confidence; especially when exploring more challenging skills and activities.

A ballet, jazz or hip hop class is a wonderful option because it helps children improve their concentration, agility, physical strength, and love of music. Starland's dance department, in Deerfield, IL, offers a variety of dance classes that will instil a sense of accomplishment and pride in your child.

Our Personal Approach Makes the Difference.

At Starland, we take a personal approach to every child in discovering their passion and inspiring them to explore it. We are known to have the most innovative and creative classes on the North Shore. We follow the latest trends and offer your child the ability to be exposed to new creative programs. Our professional and nurturing staff will guide your child through many artistic experiences using imagination and self discovery. At Starland we take great pride in matching students with their passion.

Creativity and Fun Never Take a Break.

We have been proudly serving the Highland Park and Northbrook, IL areas for over a decade at our Deerfield location, and we strive to provide an environment filled with quality artistic opportunities that are both creative and fun.

At Starland, our creative and exciting programs are offered all year round. Our summer camps offer a variety of innovative curricula, such as Theatre programs, Photography, Fashion, and Dance. Starbound Day Camp offers computer engineering, cooking, swimming, sports, nature and art classes for kids, which will help your child discover new talents and develop their interests. To learn more, call us today at (847) 914-9100.


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